Infiltrator Respirators...Complete


The Infiltrator Respirator is complete. In fact, two versions of it. Both have black leather parts, but the canisters and rivets are colored differently.

The first one has canisters that start out black, and are then antiqued in an orangey brown to resemble rust. I call it black iron.

I shot a few quick pics of me modeling the masks so that I could post them. I'll shoot better photos when I can get a model in the studio.


The second one has canisters made with cold cast aluminum, which is then polished. The grommets and rivets are all brass plated. Both versions are fairly lightweight, with the cold cast version being a bit heavier at 330 gm, which is less than ¾ lb.

If you look closely you'll notice that I added a bit more detail to the vacuum formed canister tops. I finished them with Rub N Buff to match the cold cast aluminum middles.