Steampunk Masks

Gas Mask No. 66

When I first started maskmaking I numbered my masks sequentially. Some of them never made it to market (for instance #1 & 2). The very first steampunk item I made was a gas mask, and it carried number 43. I learned from everything I was making, and at some point I decided I wanted to update it and improve it.
Every steampunk mask after #43 got a name, but to keep with tradition I named this version #66. I don't even remember how I came up with that number.

It has two different eyepieces, one made from a camera lens and the other from an old flashlight. The respirator near the mouth was mostly scratch built, molded and cast in resin. The #43 was closely modeled after a WWII rubber gas mask I had found at a yard sale.

composite no 66.jpg


Ragnarok (meaning end of the cosmos in Norse mythology) is a mask that was cobbled together using various parts from other masks. You can read about its design and construction on my blog here: Ragnarok Blog

composite Ragnarok.jpg


This mask started by me trying to imitate a human skull. The mouth cage was adapted from a dog muzzle. You can read about its construction on my blog beginning here: Crixus Blog

composite crixus.jpg


I took the pattern for the leather part of this mask from a German gas mask. It seems pretty obvious why I named it Rhino. You can read about its design and construction on my blog starting here: Rhino Blog

Composite crixus2.jpg

Other Steampunk Masks

Here are other assorted masks that can be loosely described as steampunk.  The Skull Respirator I felt could be improved so that it wasn't facing downward so much. It is still among my projects to complete. The Crocodile was made for a theatrical performance of Peter Pan. The Bat Masked Man was of course modeled after Batman, and my attempt to create a back story character. And Falconer was an expanded version of our popular Eyecage mask, both of which we still sell.

composite other.jpg

2009 After the Fall masks.JPG

In 2009 I made a bunch of steampunk gas masks and respirators for the indy film "After the Fall". Here is a photo of them.