Other Work

Elephant Bag

This is my oldest surviving piece of leatherwork, made circa 1974 when I lived at Lake Tahoe, where I learned the craft. The trunk and tusks of the elephant wrap around the top of the bag, and the elephant can only be seen when the bag is laid out flat. The fastener is carved deer antler with a turquoise stone.

composite elephant bag.jpg

Recorder Case

I made this case for my tenor recorder circa 1980. I first built a plywood box, then constructed the veg tan cowhide to cover it. The fastening pegs and handle are out carved out of oak. The four bottom corners were molded out of the same veg tan leather over a form. The case is lined in green velvet.

composite recorder case.jpg


The cow gas mask is lifesize and was worn by a fiberglass cow at an exhibition at Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California. The raygun is made of resin, and the holster is made of embossed cowhide. The Frankenstein head was an experiment in molding leather.

composite other work.jpg