A self portrait of California leather artist Tom Banwell

A self portrait of California leather artist Tom Banwell

About Tom Banwell

I have no formal art training, and am largely self-taught. As a child I was fascinated with helmets and other hats, and I collected them. My love affair with leather began in 1972 when I got a job at Lake Tahoe making belts, purses and sandals. Four years later I started a business designing and making men’s Western leather hats which sold all over the United States. After selling that business I dabbled in woodcarving for a number of years which led eventually to learning how to cast in resin.

My business than became casting custom resin trophies and figurines, which I did for many years, and much of that work consisted of imitating other materials: bronze, marble, wood, etc. In 2008 I discovered leather maskmaking and that has been my passion—and my business—ever since.




Oct 2009 – Feb 2010
Museum of the History of Science
Oxford University, Oxford, UK

 Oct 2011 – Feb 2012
Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination
The Muzeo
Anaheim, California, USA

 Jun 2012—October 2012
Time Machines: Robots, Rockets, and Steampunk
Shelburne Museum
Shelburne, Vermont, USA

 Jun 2013—July 2013
Fetishism in Fashion
Mode Biënnale Arnhem
MoBA, Arnhem, Netherlands

 March 2014—May 2014
Steampunk Art
Hangaram Design Museum
Seoul Art Center
Seoul, Korea

 June 2014—July 2014
Masked Machinations, a solo exhibition
Idea Fabrication Laboratory
Chico, California, USA

 Sept 2014—Feb 2015
Steampunk Art Exhibition
751 D-Park, Beijing, China
K11 Art Mall, Shanghai, China

March 2015--Jan 2015
Edelkoort Exhibitions
Trapholt Museum
Kolding, Denmark

Sept 2017--Nov 2017
Odd Beauty
Southampton Art Center Museum
Southampton, New York, USA










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