Steampunk Masked Horror

A short fast display of steampunk and plague doctor leather masks and helmets by Tom Banwell.

Masked Machinations

Interview done at the Ronin respirator workshop at the Idea Fab Labs in Chico, California, June 2014.

Tom Banwell's Plague Doctor Masks

This 24 minute video show most of our plague doctor masks and how I came to design each one. It also covers the history of the plague doctor outfit, and shows each step of how we construct the masks.

Tom Banwell's Plague Doctor Mask Short

This is a very condensed version of the first video, showing most of our plague doctor masks.

Classic Plague Doctor Mask

This short video was shot in 2010, shortly after making my first plague doctor mask.

Rhino Gas Mask

Pachydermos Gas Mask

Return of the Sentinel: A Steampunk Warrior

Me in the starring role as the Sentinel, intending to show the Sentinel helm, mask and gorget in detail.

Tom Banwell's Steampunk Leather & Resin Projects

A showcase of my first two years of steampunk creations.

Steampunk Exhibition at Oxford University

The first international steampunk exhibition curated by Art Donovan.

 Maker Fair, May 2009

This is the first time I exhibited my steampunk work