Steampunk Hats & Helmets

Airship Captain's Helmet

This is a steampunked version of an American dragoon helmet circa 1820. The front shield reads "Gryphon Airship".

composite captain.jpg


The Firemaster is based on a nineteenth century fire helmet, with distinctive birdlike wings and tail. It was made as part of the Gryphon Interplanetary Aeroship Expedition financed by Baron Henry Balzerhaught.

composite firemaster.jpg



Based on a United States Army shako circa 1840, with hair-on cowhide, and an aether detector gauge.

composite shako2.jpg

Tauruscat Dream Helmet

Professor Tauruscat's greatest invention, the Dream Helmet, which allowed him to fully remember his dreams and turn them into reality.

Composite dream helmet.jpg

Top Hat

Every Victorian gentleman and lady should own a top hat.

composite top hats copy.jpg