Now Selling Leather Mask Blanks

We have offered many of our masks and accessories at wholesale for retailers for a few years, but beginning this year we are for the first time offering unpainted mask blanks to established craft show/art fair vendors who wish to expand their lines.

Our fashion masks sell very well in a retail craft show environment where there are mirrors and the opportunity for customers to try on the individual masks. For the right craft show vendors our masks can provide a good way to increase sales.

We are offering three dozen of our fashion masks as leather blanks, cut out and shaped, but not painted, for a substantial discount off retail. These need to be painted and have the elastic band inserted and tied before they are ready to sell. They can also have beads, sparkles, feathers, etc. attached for a more distinctive look. We only use top-grain vegetable tanned cowhide for all our mask blanks.

For craft show vendors who are required to sell only work that they have made themselves, the unpainted masks could be an ideal product line because they come as blank masks to be decorated and customized by the craftsman vendor.

If you are an established craft show vendor and are interested in working with us, please email me for more details.

Unpainted leather mask blanks   

Unpainted leather mask blanks